All Terrain Off-Road Mobility Scooter - Used but Excellent Condition

2023-04-08 20:17:00 By : Ms. Sunny Pan
TGA Vita X – Your Ultimate All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

If you're looking for a reliable, high-performance mobility scooter that's specifically designed to tackle all terrains, look no further than the TGA Vita X. This exceptional scooter is a premium choice for those users who demand the best in terms of quality, reliability, and performance.
TGA Vita X Used Mobility Scooter 8mph All-Terrain Off-Road Large Road   Mobility Scooters UK

The TGA Vita X is a Class 3 mobility scooter that packs a punch with a top speed of 8mph, making it perfect for getting around urban environments as well as more rugged terrain such as parks and forests. This mobility scooter is built with quality in mind and features pneumatic tires and suspension that provide superior comfort regardless of the surface you're riding on. These features make the Vita X suitable for all terrains, including roads, pavements, parks, and forests.

Pneumatic Tires and Suspension for Added Comfort

One of the main features of the TGA Vita X is its pneumatic tires and suspension system that absorb shocks and provide riders with smooth and comfortable rides even on bumpy terrain. The scooter's suspension is adjustable, so you can tune it according to your preferences and the terrain you're riding on. These features make the Vita X a perfect option for those who want to enjoy their surroundings without worrying about bumps and jolts that can cause discomfort.

Large and Spacious Design

This mobility scooter features a spacious design with a comfortable seat that provides excellent lumbar support. The TGA Vita X is designed to accommodate users of all sizes, and its weight capacity of up to 28 stone ensures that it can handle even the heaviest of users. Additionally, the Vita X has a large footplate, making it easy to mount and dismount the scooter.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The TGA Vita X is powered by two high-performance batteries that provide a long-lasting charge of up to 20 miles on a single charge, depending on the terrain and the user's weight. These batteries are easy to remove and charge, meaning that you can always have a spare battery ready to go if needed.

Great Value for Money

Despite being a premium mobility scooter, the TGA Vita X is available at an affordable price, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious users who still want the best quality and performance. The 2015 version of the scooter originally retailed for £3999, but you can now buy it used but in excellent condition for an even more affordable price.


All in all, the TGA Vita X is a top-performing, all-terrain mobility scooter that provides users with the confidence and freedom to explore different environments with ease. Its durable design, comfortable ride, and range of useful features make it the ideal choice for users who demand performance, reliability, and quality in their mobility scooter.

So, if you're in the market for a savvy, feature-packed mobility scooter, don't hesitate to consider the TGA Vita X. Its excellent performance, powerful features, and value for money make it a perfect choice for those seeking to maintain their independence and freedom of movement.